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3SC monitor

The MONITOR 3SC is a research and consultancy system with the purpose to gather and interpret socio-cultural change and consumption in the Italian society. It has been active for over a quarter of a century, and is today at its twentieth edition. It hereby represents one of the longest continued extended researches in Europe, even in the world.

The objective of the MONITOR3SC is to offer its clients a dynamic description in order to analyse society and the market, define positioning and progress strategies, and develop marketing and communication plans. About 120 enterprises and institutions have engaged its services from 1979 until today.

Its main tool is the socio-cultural map, through which it's possible to measure the total progress in society in terms of values (considering the currents that show tendency of increase or decrease), characteristics, dimensioning and sole subcultures/territories dynamics, product positioning, brands, or any other information that has been registered in the survey.

Every 18 months, the MONITOR3SC performs a home interview with 2.500 individuals forming a representative sample of the Italian population.